why are you looking at this crap?
5-10min portrait sketches-
im a hermit so online references..
oops more sketchbook stuff-
was on the urban fashion tag on tumblr one day and i found these beauts
some technical thing for class-
i dont feel like doing art projects again-
so i cropped the shiat out of my metaphor project and made a thing with these scandalous bbys.
(yes they were on a seesaw.)
a lil somethin’ somethin’ from my sketchbook-
yup. i drew this lame model sheet in my sketchbook…s during the summer
didn’t feel like doing any art projects last night so i did quick 5min doodles of my 2 current fave anime with a 1.0mm ink pen-
3D illustration project i did for my digital class-
my friend absolutely LOOOOOVES disney so i draw her beautiful face in disney.
originally he was going to be my QR code for that digital class but nope.never had the chance to be finalized~
couple weeks back I had to design a QR Code for my digital class. Hell what on earth do you do with a square??anyway- scanning will lead you to this tumblrPROBABLLLYY why I changed my url. teacher be looking.
i remember having to draw this tiny toy for this class where you only get 7s no matter how hard you tried..i never gave the toy back.